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To help you excel as a trainer and facilitator so that you can make an impact on those around you.

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Who We Are?

This is the home of A Trainer’s Journey .

This is a place for you to learn how to facilitate learning, strengthen your theoretical knowledge, enhance your skill set and work on your attitude as a course creator, an educator, a workshop trainer or a learning facilitator.

It doesn’t matter if you are about to take your first step on your path or if you been on your way for some time. We will support you when you need and challenge you appropriately. We have a lot of different resources to help you grow in your role no matter where in the journey you are.



A Trainer's Journey's proven step-by-step courses assist you with learning to effectively prepare, deliver and evaluate training courses that create measurable impact and sustainable change in the behaviour of your participants. It's a proven way for you to build on your delivery expertise by helping you create a learning environment that improves the knowledge, skill and ability of your participants.

What do other's say about Siri as a trainer and facilitator?

"The personal impact was great - we follow you."

- Shir, trainer participating in a Train the Trainer training

"I felt loved and appreciated. Your sharing of personal stories was powerful. You are a role model and you see through me – you know me better then I do myself"

- ALA, trainer participating in a Train the Trainer training

I was touched on multiple levels. You have a direct line into me.

- Tomas, trainer participating in a Train the Trainer training